The rolling of plate to form pressure vessel cyclinders is an integral part of our fabrication process that allows us to sequence or schedule our build programme to offer customers the fastest turnaround or delivery times possible. No waiting on any 3rd party.

HT INDUSTRIAL has invested in the most advanced machines from DAVI to roll plates from 15-20 mm (5/8 – 3/4 inch), up to 80-100 mm (3 – 4 inch) thick and more. Accurate, easy, intuitive and fast (up to 6 meters – 20ft per minute), our forming equipment is the most high-tech in “high productive mid-heavy application” in the market.

Unlike competitors who rely on a three roll plate rolling machine, there is no need to pre-bend the two edges of the plate first and then roll the cylinder. A cylinder can be rolled, including the pre-bending of both ends, feeding the plate forward through the rolls in a single motion. Once the correct position of the side rolls are determined, the plate is rolled successfully.

Unlike other brands using brake linings that wear out, our DAVI rolling system incorporates the safety of automatic and hydraulic assisted braking for both clamping rolls to ensure accurate plate feeding. Plates are loaded horizontally to allow the use of an in-feed conveyor and automated loading and unloading systems. The CNC controlled plate roll then becomes an automated un-manned rolling center greatly reducing cycle times.