Big or small, simple or complex, carbon steel or exotic alloy, we have a machining solution in-house.

Drilling, turning and milling processes start with our 3D model and are then refined with our Mastercam software to produce the finished component. Raw material is effortlessly transformed from a forged disk or ring into precision machined tube sheets, flange rings, baffles, tube supports, as well as a variety of closures for our unique range of direct expansion evaporators.

Mastercam delivers fast, easy, industry-proven NC programming that lets us make the most of our machines that allows us to focus on delivering speed and efficiency for our customers.

Since milling covers a huge range of disciplines—basic and complex 2D cutting to single-surface and advanced 3D milling—Mastercam offers an equally wide range of tools to make sure we can get the job done right. Mastercam also offers streamlined multiaxis cutting.

Ease of use, automation tools, live stock model, intelligent toolpaths, the ability to save our favorite cutting techniques, and much more all combine to deliver a fast, easy package that delivers the right tool exactly when we need it to meet our most exacting customer requirements.